Anger, coping and frontal activity

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In the session (h) where he played with the heap, I took care to help him to differentiate again. During the same session (h) the patient had difficulty in talking, but the nures reported that afterwards he talked rationally and did not seem confused. But it must be remembered that his rational periods never lasted more than a few hours. In the next session (i) he began by looking away from me and remaining silent, but he looked eager and rational so I decided to go over the last sessions with him, showing him in detail in what way he was repeating experiences and phantasies of his early relationship with his mother and her breasts.

At times he still projected his depression, with parts of himself, into me; and at such times he was again more occupied with being inside an object rather than with the objects inside himself. ’ In projecting a part of himself and his depression into me, I became the tomb, and he also lost a part of himself which he then tried to recapture. But at other times, when in his depressed state, he seemed entirely preoccupied with attempts to restore a good, idealized object inside. He sat quietly and thoughtfully, and when I asked him what he was doing, he replied that he was ‘rebuilding Heaven’.

Historically the patient had had a short, unsatisfactory time at the breast, and his mother was unable to look after him because of her asthma. Previously he had shown that he hated me when I was absent, but in this session (d) it is his envy of me which makes it difficult for him to take good things from me. The envy of the good mother and her good inside also increases the impulses to force the self inside the mother, because, if the mother has all the goodness, the child wants to be inside her.

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