Age of Voodoo by James Lovegrove

By James Lovegrove

Lex Dove notion he was once performed with the killing video game. Then a decision comes. One final project: to guide a black ops workforce right into a disused chilly battle bunker on a distant island. 100 ft under floor they face the culmination of an scan in technology and voodoo witchcraft long past improper. as though slightly human monsters weren’t undesirable sufficient, a clock is ticking. Little do they comprehend that deeper within the bowels of the earth, a god is waiting.
Lex Dove inspiration he was once performed with the killing online game. A retired British wetwork professional, he’s residing the quiet existence within the Caribbean, minding his personal company.

Then a decision comes. One final challenge: to guide an American black ops workforce right into a disused chilly conflict bunker on a distant island. The money’s sturdy, this means that the hazards are excessive.

How excessive, Dove doesn’t notice till he and his group are 100 ft lower than floor, dealing with the culmination of an test in technology and voodoo witchcraft long gone incorrect. as though slightly human monsters weren’t undesirable adequate, a clock is ticking. Deep within the bowels of the earth, a god is ready. And his anger, if roused, might be fearsome certainly.

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The Great Crusade had rarely seen a fleet of such power assembled in one place. Until now, only the Emperor had commanded such a force, but his place was on distant Terra, and these Legions answered only to the Warmaster. So it was that four Legions gathered and turned their eyes towards the Isstvan system. THE KLAXONS ANNOUNCING the Vengeful Spirit’s translation back to real space were the spur to action that Kyril Sindermann had been waiting for. Mopping his brow with an already moist handkerchief, he pushed himself to his feet and made his way to the shutter of his quarters.

Sindermann envied him that certainty. It had been many months since he had felt anything approaching certainty. As the Primary Iterator of the 63rd Expedition, it was Kyril Sindermann’s job to promulgate the Imperial Truth of the Great Crusade, illuminating those worlds brought into compliance of the rule of the Emperor and the glory of the Imperium. Bringing the light of reason and secular truth to the furthest flung reaches of the ever-expanding human empire had been a noble undertaking. But somewhere along the way, things had gone wrong.

The exposed flesh of his muscles bore freshly healing scars and his face displayed a nascent gigantism similar to Loken’s. He stood out amongst the uniformed Army soldiers, and his presence only lent credence to Sindermann’s wild theory that Petronella Vivar’s disappearance had nothing to do with her returning to Terra. ‘Take the iterator and the remembrancer back to their quarters,’ said Maloghurst. ’ Maggard nodded and stepped forwards. Mersadie tried to avoid him, but he was quick and strong, grabbing her by the scruff of her neck and hauling her towards the door.

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