Agamemnon, The Choephori, The Eumenides (Cliffs Notes) by Robert J. Milch

By Robert J. Milch

Some of the most profitable playwrights of historic Greece, Aeschylus wrote approximately ninety performs, yet at the present time in simple terms 7 live to tell the tale. Credited with introducing a moment actor onstage, his performs retell the battles, victories, and social ramifications of existence within the golden days of Athens. those performs are 2,500 years previous and nonetheless played, for they converse on to the human psyche.

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They reply that Agamemnon was not a blood relation of his wife and his murder did not come within their province. Apollo says that marriage is the most sacred of all bonds. If the Furies ignored the murder of a husband by a wife, they have no right to hound Orestes for bringing his father's murderer to justice. The Furies answer defiantly that they will pursue Orestes without mercy and will see him punished for his crime. Apollo says that he will continue to assist the fugitive. The chorus and Apollo exit.

What attitude about the Trojan War is stated in the odes of the chorus and the speech of the herald in Agamemnon? How does Aeschylus symbolically relate the fall of Troy to the fate of Agamemnon? 7. What is the purpose of the herald's account of the fate of Menelaus? 8. At what point does the dramatic climax of Agamemnon take place? Discuss the confrontation of Agamemnon and Clytaemestra. What does she want him to do and why? What is his initial reaction? How does she force him to give in to her wishes?

Who are the participants? What are their motives? 16. Give an account of Clytaemestra's dream, its meaning and poetic use. 17. Who is Cilissa? What is her role in The Choephori? 18. How does the chorus take an active part in the plot to kill Aegisthus and Clytaemestra? What is the effect of its interference? 19. How does Aegisthus react to the news that Orestes is dead? What is the relationship of Aegisthus to Clytaemestra? 20. Why does Orestes hesitate and turn to Pylades for advice before killing Clytaemestra?

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