Addiction to love: Overcoming obsession and dependency by Susan Peabody

By Susan Peabody

A seminal paintings on dangerous and obsessive behaviors in love, and the way to alter habit to have a good courting. This 3rd variation incorporates a new advent and revisions to the textual content throughout.
Some signs of affection habit comprise love at the start sight, over the top fantasizing, irregular jealousy, nagging, and accepting dishonesty.
Even relationships with mom and dad, young ones, siblings, or buddies could be addictive dependency isn't really constantly concerning romantic love.

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Therefore, to many of us, love addiction and codependency were one in the same. However, today we understand that this is not true. The codependent love addict is only one of the many kinds of love addicts. I have chosen the occasion of the 2005 edition of Addiction to Love to elaborate on this. I call the “classic” love addict an Obsessed Love Addict. Obsessed Love Addicts (OLAs) are totally taken over by their romantic passion and chase after people even if they are unavailable, emotionally distant, afraid to commit, unable to communicate, unloving, abusive, controlling, selfish, or addicted to something outside the relationship—hobbies, drugs, alcohol, sex, someone else, gambling, and so on.

This is the darkest side of addiction to love—the inability of some love addicts to even protect their children from an abusive partner because of their unhealthy dependency. While most love addicts will not end up breaking the law in the name of love, the hungry heart should not be underestimated. Addiction to love is insidious and progressive; anything can happen if recovery is not initiated. When a crime is committed because of obsession and dependency, love addicts pay a heavy price. Sometimes they must spend all or some of their lives in prison.

Do you stay home all the time to dream about your loved one rather than go out and have fun? Does fantasizing take priority over your responsibilities? Do you put aside your housework to lie in bed and fantasize? Do you stay home from work? Do you daydream when it is dangerous to do so (such as when you are driving a car or operating machinery)? Does fantasizing take priority over your family and friends? Do you brush aside your children to go off by yourself and daydream? Do you snap at people who interrupt your fantasies?

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