Accelerator-Driven Transmutation Tech - AIP Conf Proceedings

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This is not as arbitrary as it appears. Anyone who is familiar with the face of the President of the United States, say, can instantly recognize a cartoon depicting him, even though the features may have been grossly distorted and transformed. The human brain has astonishing powers of recognizing characteristic shapes even though we may not be able to give a precise explanation. Islamic patterns contain a variety of recognizable polygonal characteristic shapes. Indeed, currently, the practice of the art of Islamic patterns in its most developed form, namely, the art of zalij in Morocco, is based on the recognition of characteristic shapes.

Had we been interested in Islamic patterns as entities only of the past, we might have been excused this omission. But it is our wish that the creation of Islamic patterns should continue into the future. The treasury of Islamic patterns should be offered as a gift of the Islamic civilization for the enrichment of all cultures. We, therefore, feel obliged to address the issue. The adjective Islamic qualifying the noun pattern has never implied that the pattern was sanctified in some way by the religion of Islam, or was necessarily invented by a Muslim.

These may be called the classical Islamic patterns, but since there is no possibility of any confusion we shall continue to use the term Islamic patterns to refer to classical Islamic patterns. 4 Turning to Geometry The reader will no doubt agree that no art can be appreciated, save at a very superficial level, without some understanding of the concerns and passions of the milieu in which it arose. It is now our purpose to explain the underlying psychological factors which caused Islamic art to seek inspiration in geometry.

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