A New Dawn (Star Wars) by John Jackson Miller

By John Jackson Miller

A very long time in the past in a galaxy some distance, distant. . . .
Here is the 1st novel of the hot Disney-owned superstar Wars canon. this can be a prequel novel to the impending Disney XD lively sequence Rebels, notwithstanding this isn't a tender grownup novel. simply published at the present time! Enjoy!

* * *

“The battle is over. The Separatists were defeated, and the Jedi uprising has been foiled. We stand at the threshold of a brand new beginning.”—Emperor Palpatine

For 1000 generations, the Jedi Knights introduced peace and order to the Galactic Republic, aided via their connection to the paranormal power box referred to as the strength. yet they have been betrayed—and the complete galaxy has paid the associated fee. it's the Age of the Empire.

Now Emperor Palpatine, as soon as Chancellor of the Republic and secretly a Sith follower of the darkish aspect of the strength, has introduced his personal peace and order to the galaxy. Peace via brutal repression, and order via expanding keep watch over of his subjects’ lives.

But while the Emperor tightens his iron grip, others have all started to query his potential and reasons. And nonetheless others, whose lives have been destroyed by way of Palpatine’s machinations, lay scattered in regards to the galaxy like unexploded bombs, ready to head off. . . .

The first Star Wars novel created in collaboration with the Lucasfilm tale workforce, Star Wars: a brand new Dawn is decided in the course of the mythical “Dark Times” among Episodes III and IV and tells the tale of ways of the lead characters from the lively sequence Star Wars Rebels first got here to pass paths. that includes a foreword through Dave Filoni.

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He listened to a conversation between Kelse Madduc and Lilo Stenbaren of Doradus Domain. Kelse was speaking: “—not a random act. There was planning involved, and precise calculation. ” “What of the ‘wonderful joke’ of the letter? ” “Impossible to say. ” Kelse brought Elvo Glissam forward and performed an introduction. ” Dm. Stenbaren laughed. “Forty years ago I remember a ‘Society for Uaian Justice’, ten years later a ‘League Against the Land-looters’, and sometime afterward a group which simply called itself ‘Apotheosis’.

Two hundred family friends, relatives and folk from neighboring domains came to pay their last respects to Uther Madduc. html (47 of 132) [1/11/2005 11:52:19 PM] THEGRAYPRINCE Elvo Glissam watched in fascination, marveling at the conduct of these folk so different from himself. The men, he thought, were a matter-of-fact lot, while the women lacked a certain quality he could not quite define. Frivolity? Mischief? Artfulness? Even Schaine seemed rather more direct than he might have preferred, leaving small scope for teasing or flirtation or any of the subtle games which made urban society so amusing.

He was not sure of this either…Three days more of this arduous marching. He wished he could in some manner help Kelse. Perhaps in the morning he’d inconspicuously take part of Kelse’s backpack and hang it on his own. In the morning Elvo Glissam put his plan into effect. Kelse noticed and protested, but Elvo Glissam said: “This is just simple common sense. ” Gerd Jemasze said, “Glissam’s right, Kelse. ” Kelse said no more; the group set forth and an hour later reached the base of the South Rim. By a dry gulch they ascended five hundred feet, then toiled another hundred feet up a face of rotting conglomerate and finally stood at the lip.

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